Need more space?

Packing the car up for a trip can be quite the challenge, remembering everything and finding the room for it all – the boot seems to get smaller every time!

By the time the dogs are loaded up there doesn’t seem to be much room for anything else.

If you’re on a hunting trip this brings up the problem of where will the guns go?

A safe and secure compartment is needed to keep your pets and passengers away from your possessions especially gun equipment.

Mad About Pets UK has got just the answer to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Our solid gun drawers made from thick polypropylene are the perfect solution, providing you with a locked place to store your guns when out and about on the road.

This discrete models comes with durable lockable handles to keep your valued possessions hidden away from preying eyes and our lockable system adds an extra level of security putting your mind at ease.

Tools and supplies including your hunting gear can pose as a dangerous threat if left in the car with your dog unsupervised or whilst on the road when heavier items are being thrown around, these incidents can lead to choking, cuts or broken bones.

We’ve created a locking system that will keep all wandering paws away from danger.

Each drawer is mounted on full length runners for ease of use even when fully loaded up, so depsite being a heavy duty system you won’t feel the impact of this.

Our gun drawers have many purposes and can just become your lead drawer or your bits and bobs drawer, whatever you want to put in there, you can.

The ultimate purpose of our drawers is to provide you with a space to put your belongings so that they don’t interfere with your pet, get lost or start to take up an unnecessary amount of room that looks a mess.

By adding organisation to your vehicle you will help to create a calm and relaxed environment for your pet, as they won’t feel overhwlemed with the clutter in the vehicle.

This will also help to create a more peaceful drive for yourself, and makes journeys a lot easier when you know where everything is!

Fitted to suit your vehicles specifications, our drawers create a high quality, pristine finish.

Designed to complement our bespoke dog boxes and cages you can have your dream set up designed by us to fit all your needs.

Protect your pet and belongings with one of our systems, shop our range on our website.



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