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Anti-Chew Beds & Kenneling Products


This is a heavy duty product designed to resist even the most destructive of dogs. It is ideally suited for breeders, boarding kennels, working dogs, gun dogs ext. Its fully galvanized steel capped edges makes it nearly impossible to chew and then with an 18mm phenolic ply base completes this washable, chemical resistant and rust proof bed. Certainly one of the toughest beds out there.

Dog Training Set

Need to train your furry friends obedience and position training? Take a look at our dog training sets and strive for a well behaved best friend. Built strong, waterproof and are easy to pack away with there small and compact design.

Everything Is Manufactured In House

All the materials and components used to build your new dogs bed and other products are all from UK suppliers and every part of it is manufactured in our own factory to your specifications.

Quick Turnaround

All Manufactured In The UK

Industry Leading Guarantee

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