Why you need a Transit Cage and why it needs to be Mad About Pets UK

Months of planning a stress-free trip away, until you realise that small road trip can turn in to quite the nightmare when travelling with your furry friend.


A stressed, shaking dog will put your own nerves on edge and a hyperactive bundle of a dog will drive you stir crazy. Not only that both these dogs would need your full attention causing you to be a distracted on the road which can turn into a fatal accident.

Avoid all this unnecessary stress with our transit cages designed to keep you and your pet safe on the road.

Our cages help to provide your pet with a safe space by providing a homely environment to help calm down both nervous or hyper dogs putting your mind at ease and keeping distractions to a minimum.

Here at Mad About Pets UK we design all your cages around you, your vehicle, your needs and most importantly the dogs you are travelling with.

For pet owners our cages are ideal for larger breeds as the open sides allows more room to be used for your set up, this ensures that they can comfortably stand up, sit and lay down and turn around when they are on the road.

The cages allow more light into the area than our boxes, which is the perfect option for those who have dogs who enjoy being able to see what is going on around them and would ebenefit from extra ventilation getting into the cage.

For businesses, our customers can’t recommended our cages enough!

Ideal for those who need to travel with multipule dogs, who don’t neccessarily know one another.

We can make a variety of set ups with our cages and therfore can make as many spaces as your vehicle will allow, more cages = more business = more money – it’s a no brainer!

There is also an option to buy these as a foldaway system which would allow you remove the cage when you need to use your vehicle for other activites.

All our cages come with qualities that make your ife a lot easier, with water and chemical resistant features this makes an easy clean system for you, where accidents can be forgotten in seconds.

With the option to custom make your cage to any sizes and add a divider or escape hatches, your new cage will be excatly how you want it to be!

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