How we can help your dogs travel anxiety

Mental health is a huge topic in our society, and this is no different in the dog world. All our products are dedicated to helping the silent suffering our four-legged friends face including anxiety.


Your pet could be showing signs of anxiety in numerous ways from pacing, barking, panting or even changes in their body posture.

As they can’t tell us what is wrong with them it can be quite worrying to know that they’re in distress and you being clueless as to how to help.

More than 70% of our pets suffer with anxiety and the biggest contributor to this is travelling in the car due to unknown for them where they will be going and the comfortability of the journey, if they’re not stowed properly then they are anxious regarding their safety.

It is best to encourage your dog in the car with regular fun outings and not just solely going to places such as the vets as they will associate your vehicle with going to a location they don’t want to go.

Mad About Pets UK prides itself on helping both pets and their owners in situations like these which is why our range of transport boxes and cages are dedicated to putting your pet at ease.

Our products provide the top five features needed to calm your dog down and make both your journey’s more relaxed:

  1. Comfort
  2. Safety
  3. Familiarity
  4. Ventilation
  5. Space

Our modern material ensures that our boxes and cages are both water and chemical resistant which helps to great a comfortable environment for your pet. If they should they need a water bowl in there and it spills it can be easily cleaned and they don’t have to sit in a wet patch for the rest of the journey – same applies in the case of a little accident.

All our products are sold on the recommendation that your dog should be able to easily stand up, turn around, sit, and lay down with plenty of additional space. This assures that your pet does not feel enclosed or claustrophobic and means there is room to include a blanket or their favourite toy which helps to make them feel calm.

In terms of safety, our robust and durable transport products are built with the main priority of keeping your pet safe. In the dreaded event of a vehicle accident your dog is protected in the four walls. It prevents them from feeling every bump in the road or shopping in your boot bashing into them, all in all providing a better experience where they know they are protected.The routine of getting into the car into their box or cage will create a sense of familiarity, your dog will recognise this item as being something that keeps them safe in the car and they will be less intimidated by the thought of getting in your vehicle. The colours we choose for our interior creates a dimmed atmosphere which is proven to act as a homely environment making them more relaxed.

Lastly, all our boxes and cages are installed with ventilation holes, more can be added if you feel your dog would benefit from this. Allowing your pet to breath freely as they would outside of the cage is one less thing from them to get anxious about. We also sell fans that can be attached to our crates to provide more of an air flow.

We’d do everything we could for, our pets so why wouldn’t you make their experience on the road a happy one.

Browse our selection of dog boxes and cages where you can select your vehicle to ensure you get accurate sizes and can visualise what it would look like.



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