Looking for something else?

There’s always room for more and Mad About Pets UK have those added extras that make all the difference to your latest buy!

We have a range of less expensive ‘add ons’ that go that one step further to make your product the best it can be for you.

Our products are perfect just as they are, but these added pieces are specific to suit your pets needs and are not necessary for every customer hence why we supply them as an option and not a compulsory added expense.

As a company we do believe in going above and beyond to cater for your needs, all orders can be customised by yourselves to bespoke sizes and you can visit our workshop for your vehicle to get measured and receive expert advice – all FREE of charge!

For our transit boxes and cages you can add:

  1. Escape Hatches: In the event of an incident where you cannot use or gain access to your vehicles boot, these hatches provide your dog with an alternative exit through the back of the transit system and out through the side doors. They help to provide extra security and put your mind at ease.
  2. Removable Divider: Ideal for when you are travelling with more than one dog, to help create a divide between the pets in the car and give them their individual space – perfect for when travelling with dogs that don’t know one another. Can be set as a 50/50 split or 60/40, 70/30 etc.
  3. Locks: Our boxes and cages come with locks that we know are reliable and will keep your dog safe, however there is an option to add additional locks for extra safety especially if you have a dog who tries to escape from the car and adds extra protection from dog theft. But we do emphasise that our locking system is perfect … this is just for those who feel they would really benefit from this.

Our gun drawers can have extra locks, this is more of a safety deterrent from prying eyes to ensure your tools are kept safe.

Removable dividers can be inserted into your drawer system to make it easier to keep them organised and make the most of your space.

All locks come with a set of keys and spares are available on request, when purchasing a transit and drawer system we can make the key suit the lock to both these elements because we know it may be hard to keep two keys from being lost!

Anything that you feel would make your product better for you we will be willing to have a look at, so drop us a message and see what we can do for you or check out our website for prices and more information.



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