How to use our website?

Looking to order your newest pet safety product but not sure where or how to start … then we have the answers to help you with our step by step guide on how to use our website to make an order.

First things first head over to our website at you can find this via a google search or from a link on both our Facebook and Instagram page where we post all our latest updates and deals.

All our tabs are located at the top of our page where you can select your vehicle, browse our products, check out our gallery and find our contact information.

For products such as our beds, cabins, training sets and sliding trays you can select the correct option on our products tab and it will take you to their home page where you will find out more about that specific item, the price and sizes and from there you can onto order.

When it comes to transit dog and ferret boxes, cages and gun drawers our vehicle selector is there to make your life easier.

You select your vehicle make and model to find out which of our transit systems are compatible with your style of car, you can see what the product would like in your vehicle and we have all the sizes on file so you can trust us that it will fit your boot without you having to do the measuring.

If your vehicle isn’t an option or you would like to amend your sizes, you can give us a quick call on 07522 467025 and we will help you from there.

The next part is the same for everyone, no matter what tab or product you have selected.

You select the exact product you’d like and which size or design and add to basket which will take you to the check out, you can view your basket at anytime by selecting the cart tab.

From here, you select your delivery option either free collection or add the delivery charge onto your bill, we can add delivery on at a later date if you forget or change your mind.

Then the boring but IMPORTANT part, filling your details, it is a must to double check that all your information is correct and you’re happy with all the options you have selected.

Then you go on to pay, we do offer both Klarna and Clearpay options so that you can have a payment plan to help spread the cost out.

Now the easy part, you let us get to work on making the perfect product for you and your pet and we will send you regular emails with a start and finish date and updates as to what stage of production your item is in.

If you find you are having trouble working our website or would simply prefer us to create an order for you and send an invoice then we are more than happy to help, you can give us a call or drop us an email on



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