To Train or not to Train

The only answer is yes and here’s how Mad About Pets UK can help you with our training tips, tricks and products!

Training is essential for all dogs and there is no need for a strict regime, basic commands and structure helps to increase your pet’s confidence in themselves and in social situations.

The time spent with your furry friends creates an unbreakable bond between you both, as it helps you both to spend quality time together that is teaching you both new things about one another.

It’s important to note that it is never too late, and you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Our 3-block training set is ideal for all training schedules, the versatility of this product allows it to be used to achieve all goals from agility training to paced walking to show skills.

By using blocks, you are creating a connection between those and the coaching, therefore your dog helps to associate the set with training which helps them to remember what they’ve previously learnt and sets a good behaviour pattern.

Our set is sold as a standard size but can all be custom made to suit your needs and dogs size.

The open hidings in our blocks allow you to hide treats which helps with the process, it is essential to praise your pup as they will quickly learn positive acknowledgment comes from behaving and doing that action.

Bed chewing can be the worst battle with a puppy or an older dog who may be looking for attention or who has started to pick up bad habits.

Mad About Pets range of durable premium and platform beds are all anti-chew proof which will survive even the most determined dog.

Puppies will soon get bored of the idea of trying to attack their bed when they realise that it won’t do any damage, and this thought process will subtlety prevent them from trying to chew other household items as they’re expecting it to not do anything.

For older dogs by swapping there chewed up bed to an anti-chew bed forces the idea upon them that they shouldn’t have done that, and all ages of pouches then associate the bed with bedtime and not play time which stops them from trying to chew it.

Similarly, our transit boxes help to enforce discipline in the car by providing your pet with their own space when out on the road which helps to teach them that being in the car is a fun and safe experience which prevents unnecessary barking and accidents.

When it comes to training, remember to believe in yourself and your pet and that with patience and compromise the results will come!

Check out our website and what we can do for you and most of all good luck!



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