MAD ABOUT keeping your PETS safe!

It’s not a lie … we are Mad About PetsĀ and we know just how mad you are about your very own furry companion and this is no different when it comes to the new products you buy for them and keeping them safe which is why we’re here to help you with a range of pet safety products.

As pet owners ourselves we are dedicated to designing and creating products with a purpose of keeping your dogs safe on the road and in your home.

From our transit line of boxes, cages and drawers to create a secure environment in your vehicle whilst travelling, to our kennelling products which give that extra bit of security for moments your pet is left to their own devices.

All our transit range is made to specifically suit your vehicle which ensures that it is the perfect fit to create a durable and trusting unit which will protect your pet from harsh braking, skidding, other equipment in the car crushing into them and of course in the event of a serious accident whilst providing them with a home from home environment to make them feel more relaxed.

Our terrier and ferret box serve the same purpose.

Both our boxes and cages are designed so that your dog can stand up, turn around and sit and lay down to ensure they have a comfortable experience.

Our gun drawers have many purposes and can just become your lead drawers or your bits and bobs drawer, whatever you want to put in there you can.

The ultimate purpose of our drawers is to provide you with a space to put your belongings so that they don’t interfere with your pet, get lost or start to take up an unnecessary amount of room and looking a mess whilst doing so.

These pair perfectly with our transit boxes to make an organised and full fitting system that will make you stand out from the rest all whilst making your dogs safety the number one priority.

A common stress for many dog owners is bedtime, waking up to a destroyed bed scattered across the floor doesn’t set you up for a good day and over time will cost you a lot of money.

This is also a huge risk for your pets, there poses a threat as a choking hazard, the process can make your dog very distressed and the lack of sleep with affect your dogs behaviour and mood.

Our famous anti-chew dog beds can solve all these problems, proving to be indestructible even for the most determined of pooches providing you with a long-lasting bed that will soon bore your pet when they can’t eat it resulting in them seeing bed time as the time to get their sleep in.

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