Winter Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe

With snow forecasted it can be quite the worry for us Dog owners when it comes┬áto travelling on the road with them and keeping them warm at home. Dogs can be victims of a cold just like us, with symptons of low energy, watery eyes and difficulty breathing that can last up to 10 days – the only difference is they can’t tell anyone or take themsleves to bed with a lemsip!

Transit Boxes and Cages

Investing in a safe and secure transport system is the best decision you can make when it comes to taking your Dog on the road. Our bespoke made cages and boxes provide your pet with a safe and secure, home from home environment that protects them from all acitivity on the road. This surrounding keeps them enclosed and away from harm that can result to harsh braking, skidding and other risks that occur in the wet, windy and icy weather.

You’re sheltering your Dog away from other belongings in your car injuring them, from them sliding around the boot of your car which is an accident waiting to happen and prevents them from becoming anxious about being in the car as they will be worried if an incident was to happen.

You can also add escape hatches to your boxes and cages to provide an alternative exit for your Dog, rather than just the boot which helps to reassure you that in the event of a serious collision you can still get your pets out the car in a safe manner.

A huge bonus for you, with our water and chemical resistant features these transit systems are designed to be easy clean, saving you hours of cleaning up the mess that comes with these winter months. Aside from that, it means you can keep your Dogs area clean and cosy, stopping them from having to travel in muddy and wet environemnts which creates an unpleasant expereince for them and increases their chances of getting ill.

Available in a single and double structure, to sizes that specifically suit your dog and vehicle, ensuring that they have the right amount of space to comfortably stand up, sit and lay down and turn around.

Storage Solutions

Part of keeping your pet safe in your vehicle is providing them with a dedicted space that they can class as there own when on the road. But what does this mean for all your belongings?

We can add a drawer system to your transit boxes or cages to create your dream set up that solves every problem!

Our single and double drawers can be positioned on top, underneath or to the side of your pets, keeping all your essentials in one place, and out of reach from any wandering paws.

And you guessed it … these can be custom made too, so we can make the most potential of the space you have in your vehicle and make your drawers as big as you need.

This also add dimension and structure to your set up, creating a secure system that will help your dog feel at home on the road.

Bed Time

Now the temperatures are dropping and it’s a constant battle between having the heating on or off!

Our anti-chew beds can provide the warmth and comfort that your dogs need to keep warm this winter – although they do need some central heating, we’re not miracle makers!

These beds provide you with the freedom of space to add as many blankets and cushions as your pet needs to create a cosy sleeping environment.

When your pet is subject to cold conditions over a long lenght of time this can cause problems for their muscles with aches and sores from cold floors and chilly drafts, having an enclosed bed that shelters them from this will make all the difference.


Whatever your plans this winter, we hope you and your pet stay safe and warm, on and off the roads.

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