Thinking Outside the Box

Fed up of looking in car boots and dreaming of having a set up like them, they really have it all together, no dogs rushing out, no arms twisted round leads, no shouting till your blue in the face – must be nice!

Whether you’re down the local park, or attending shooting shows or dog competitions you want to look the part and stand out for all the right reasons, rather than getting side eye looks from the chaoutic way your dogs get out your car or the mess that seems to have appeared from no where in the boot.

We’re more than just your dog box, we can have you organised and stress free with our set ups that are bound to make people look twice in awe at your vehicle.

First things first, choose from a transit box or cage to provide a safe and secure home from home environment for your pets when out and about on the road. Designed to the sizes you need, these systems fit perfectly into your vehicle and ensure that your dog has enough room to comfortably stand up, sit and lay down and turn around.

With added safety features from escape hatches, removable dividers and built in ventilation holes, your dog is the main prioirty here. But, we haven’t forgotten about you our water and chemical resistant material creates an easy clean space that won’t stain or cause a lingering smell.

Now you have a dedicated space for your dogs, that works for you and your vehicle, and relaxes you both when travelling. These transit set ups are proven to create an easier and safer entry and exit in vehicles which not only looks like you have it under control but assures you that you do!

Let’s not stop there, add professionalism and efficiency with a single or double drawer system.

Fitted around your dog box, this creates the perfect look and mkaes your life so much easier.

With an enclosed area for all your essential belongings, these valuables stop going missing and even better, with a durable locking system you can keep your items stored in there to save taking everything in and out of the house everytime you got out with your dog.

This saves you time when packing a car up can already put you behind schedule and stops you forgetting things … we can’t guarantee that!

Our drawers can also be custom made, suiting the specifications of your vehicle and matching the exact criteria you need.

What are you waiting for? Get your dream set up today … one happy owner is one happy dog!


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