Taking a Trip: What Your Dog Needs

Since Covid, there has been an increase in the number of dog owners throughout the world. People that were cat people became dog people overnight. Getting out and walking your dog was an excuse to leave the house, but now…

Now, we need to make sure that the furry friends that we got during lockdown are still cared for whilst the world goes back to normal. We need to ensure that they feel as loved now as they did then.

So when we decide to go on our staycation this summer or any trips that they take with us, we need to ensure they remain fully safe and secure. There are a few simple steps we can follow to make sure our travelling friends are perfectly cared for on our long journey.

5 Top Tips For Long Journeys With Dogs

1.  Be careful of your pet’s food – if you raw feed your dog in hot weather this can spoil as our chicken or beef would. To ensure that your dog’s food remains healthy it is advised to purchase a cooler box, keep your dog’s food at an optimal temperature during the journey and store it correctly when you arrive at the destination.

2.  Dogs are like children – you wouldn’t leave your child in a car for too long without water or fresh air. Ensure that you have regular water breaks for your dog and a constant flow of fresh air throughout the car.

3.  Practice run – don’t expect your dog to be able to travel for 6 hours in a car if they can’t stay in the house for 6 hours without a bathroom break. Avoid the nasty accidents and take shorter journeys leading up to the time so that your dog gets used to being in the car as well as knowing they can’t demand to “go” when they want.

4.  Know the area – if you travel to a different part of the UK or even venturing as far as Europe by car then please remember that different countries have different regulations for dogs. Don’t let your pet be the one that’s punished if you don’t keep up to date with the local regulations regarding dogs.

5.  Give them space – ensure your dog has a comfortable and safe space within the car that allows them to remain happy during the journey whilst staying safe should an incident occur.

Here at Mad About Pets we not only give tips and tricks to keep your dogs happy and safe we also provide you with key products to ensure the happiness and safety of your pets.

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