Should you choose your box based on your vehicle or dog?

The most common question we get asked is if people should buy a box based on their dogs size or vehicle make and as always we have the answer!

Being Mad About Pets, they’re our number one priority and our advice when it comes to buying a transit box is to ensure that your pet can comfortably sit down, stand up, turn and lay down all with ease.

These factors help to create an environment that is comfortable for your pet which relaxes them during their time spent on the road.

When it comes to smaller breeds of dogs, our transit boxes will meet this requirement easily.

In this case, we suggest choosing a box that suits your vehicle as there is no need for you to have a bigger box than necessary.

This also means that the box is built perfectly around your car and its infrastructure, and only takes up the space it needs to.

For bigger dogs, we ALWAYS recommend accommodating your pets needs first, as ensuring they feel as best as they can when in the car is the most important factor and the box can be alerted to suit the vehicle.

The main reason why people think they should choose there vehicle is because each car has different sizes and modifications which we cater for on our website, through here you can select your make and year and then we will have sizes on file to suit this car.

If you have a car that safely fits your pet, you won’t have a problem.

To be on the safe size, you can double check your sizes against your dog to make sure it will be work and if not every transit box can be custom made to suit the size you need.

Including angled edges which ensures you can have a bigger box and it will fit snugly into your boot.

In theory, always prioritise your dogs movement and free space in the car, especially when travelling with more than one pet.

When it comes to your vehicle just consider any stand out differences that wouldn’t let the box fit.

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