How Mad About Pets UK makes your life mess free

Mad About Pets UK are here to end the dread that when you get a pet mess quickly follows, we won’t lie it does but we are here to prevent mess where we can!

You can still have the nice car, the sofa, the carpets without the fear of them being destroyed in minutes of introducing a pet into your home and we believe we can teach a dog new tricks so our essential pet items can teach your pet to stop creating a mess.

We cant wrap or pooches up in cotton wool and they will come back from days at the park covered in mud and those rain showers catch us all out.

By introducing simple and effective tactics into your home and car you will minimise the damage that could be caused.

Firstly, the answer to all your prayers, all our transit boxes, cages and beds are made from polypropylene a water and chemical RESISTANT.

What does that mean for you? This makes all our products easy clean.

With a cloth and anti-bacterial spray the dirt will be gone as soon as it got there.

By introducing a transit box to your vehicle you’re preventing mess going into the interior of your car, but it’s so much more than this.

You’re teaching your pet that this box is there safe space when in the car, therefore they will feel relaxed getting into the car and be assured that the mess they are surrounded in will soon be cleaned.

This also enforces the idea that after a muddy or sand filled day out that they know they go into the box and not jump around the rest of the car, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Our anti-chew beds prevent mess in the biggest way … there is no remainders of bed to clean up in the morning for a start!

Again the routine of going to their bed after a walk helps to contain the mess and can be cleaned back to normal in seconds.

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