Keeping your Dog cool this Summer

Dogs can die within 10 minutes of being left in a hot car – as a company dedicated to pet safety, we want to help our customers as the temperature rises.

There are many factors that can cause a dog to overheat in a car from making themselves anxious to feeling claustrophobic to simply being too warm.

The first sign of sunshine and we’re all quick to ditch the coats, jumpers, and cardigans but our pets don’t have that luxury they constantly have that layer of fur, so just because you’re not sweating doesn’t mean they aren’t!

Mad About Pets UK have created a range of transit boxes and cages that will create a well-ventilated environment for your dogs to travel in.

The rows of ventilation holes across the sides and rear of every box and cage ensures that there is a constant air flow into the transit system which provides a safe and secure way to transport your pooch by keeping them cool.

By maintaining a low-level temperature and the homely environment we have created through our use of colours and providing a spacious area your dog feels relaxed which calms their behaviour and anxiety when on the road, saving them getting worked up and putting your mind at ease too.

With every transit product we recommend only investing in a size that will ensure your pet can comfortably stand up, turn around, sit, and lay down. This helps to prevent them feeling restricted and stops that worrying sensation which will increase their body temperature.

Our use of modern materials also creates an easy clean surface in the box and cages; therefore, you can put water in with your pet and can be assured that this won’t cause any damage as it is water and chemical resistant and there’s no stress of mess as it can be quickly cleared up.

All our products have safety preventions including our durable locks and you can customise your product with more locks, escape hatches or dividers. This allows you to travel on the road with windows down and mean you can pull over and open the boot to let some extra air in without worrying about your dog escaping.

The dividers are ideal when travelling with multiple dogs as it prevents their space becoming overcrowded and means they wont share one another’s body heat making them hotter.

Mad About Pets UK does recommend that in extreme heat conditions that you do not take your pet out in the car with you and let them stay cool at home!



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