Dreaming of a good nights sleep?

When it comes to pampering our furry friends, selecting the right sleeping situation is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

From outside shelters, to indoor and birthing beds … we have you sorted for every kind of night!

Anti-Chew Beds

Fed up of waking up to another ruined bed, and throwing your money away on several replacements.

Tossing and turning through the night worrying about what your furry friend could be destroying or chewing, that’s a vet bill we could all do without!

Not to mention it’s no fun having to deal with a grumpy pooch who hasn’t had enough sleep, when you’re feeling the struggle yourself.

If this all sounds familiar then look no further than our  premium and platform anti-chew beds guaranteed to give you and your pet a good nights sleep.

Our polypropylene material resists all chewing and means you will be investing in a product that will do as it says, saving you lots of money and is designed to provide comfort and durability – it’s a win, win!

Protecting your dog from any choking hazards when they’re alone in their bed, this also encourages them to fall into a healthy routine where bed time means sleep time.

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Sleep Cabins

Our sleep cabins are a firm favourite with a majority of vets and kennels we work with across the country.

Providing a home from home shelter that will protect them against all weather conditions.

Our polypropylene system ensures that the cabin traps heat and keeps your pet warm during the winter months, with an opening that can allow a cool breeze to enter in summer to prevent over heating.

We do advise that in extreme weather conditions you take extra consideration and regularly check on your dog.

This spacious environment allows your pet to comfortably stand up, sit and lay down and turn around, the freedom to do as they wish makes it feel liek there own safe space and prevents them from feeling isolated or claustrophobic.

We can also add an anti-chew trim lining to the cabin to protect your new set up if you have a dog who is likely to try and chew their way through!

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Whelping Boxes

For those of bringing puppies into the world, a safe and secure birthing area and after care is your number one priority.

In those crucial early days and weeks, where you keep mum and babies is essential to keeping them all healthy and well.

Our whelping box will help take all those worries away and give you peace of mind that everyone is in the best place they can be.

With 3 sturdy sides your pets are as enclosed as they need to be, with an abundance of room that will prevent any squashing incidents.

The opening front ensures that mum can easily get in and out of the box, rather than leaping over the sides which could cause serious injury to already fragile areas.

Hygiene is at the forefront of this system with water and chemical resistant features, ensuring an easy clean area where no stains or smells stick around, preventing the likeliness of any dogs picking up infections or illnesses.

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Investing in a heavy-duty, sleeping area  is not only a wise choice for your pet’s comfort but also a smart decision for your peace of mind and your wallet. These systems offer unparalleled durability, chew resistance, and support, ensuring that your dog enjoys a safe and comfortable sleeping space for years to come.

So, when it comes to your furry companion, go for quality over cheap alternatives to give them the love and care they deserve.

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