How to get your dogs tail wagging this Easter

With Easter just around the corner your pets are in luck as retailers across the country have stocked up on dog friendly Easter eggs.


Chocolate is a big NO for your pets which is why these Easter eggs are the perfect solution.

The not so secret ingredient is carob which acts as an alternative for chocolate and doesn’t contain caffeine or theobromine making it a safe treat for your four legged friend.

It is however worth doing your own research on the ingredients in these novelty treats as this time of year can be dangerous for your pooch.

If your dog has dietary requirements or you simply do not feel confident with this idea, then a dog safe Easter hunt is the option of you.

Hide small pieces of your dog’s favourite treats and snacks around your house or garden and encourage them to start searching and let the fun begin – remember to praise them for their hard work!

1.Morrisons – Webbox Easter Egg £3.00

2. Pets At Home – Woofy Easter Egg £3.79

3. Waitrose – Hatchwells £3.89

4. Lords & Labradors – Bonbon stuffed Easter Egg £7.49

5.  Amazon – Rosewood Easter Egg £8.32



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