How Mad About Pets UK Keep your Pet Safe

Our team are Mad About keeping Pets safe and we’ll show you how!

Every single product we make is made with the fundamental that it will improve your dog’s safety whether you’re out on the road or in the comfort of your home.

Dog Transit Boxes & Cages

Designed to fully protect your pet when in the car. These systems shield your dog from moving supplies in the car, dog theft and will help shelter them in the event of a collusion They’re also protecting you from a heavy fine as your dog will be properly restrained in your vehicle.

Anti-Chew Dog Beds

Left alone in the dark at night-time is your dog’s favourite time to chew their bed, but what about the sharp small pieces of plastic around for them to choke or cut themselves on? Save yourself the worry with our indestructible beds, that even the most determined dog won’t get through.

Sliding Trays & Gun Drawers

Tools and supplies including your hunting gear can pose as a dangerous threat if left in the car with your dog unsupervised or whilst on the road when heavier items are being thrown around, these incidents can lead to choking, cuts or broken bones.

Whelping Boxes

A whelping box, also known as a nesting box is crucial for bringing puppies into the world as this is where they will spend their first 20 days. Designed to protect puppies during birth by keeping them safely contained, sheltered from the cold and ensures that they won’t be crushed by their Mother.

These may seem like things that won’t happen to you, but it only takes one of these things to happen for a fatal outcome to occur.

We know how much your pets mean to you so don’t take the risk, pet safe your house and vehicle now!



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