Choosing the best option for you

Wanting something to keep your dog safe in the car but no idea where to start?

From boxes to harnesses to cages it can be hard to know what is best for you, your dog, and your vehicle.

Range Rover Dog BoxBoth styles of our transit boxes make your pet feel secure due to the sturdy model, this will make them feel more relaxed if your journeys consist of more challenging routes such as country lanes, this durability also provides safety in the event of a collision.

If beach trips or muddy woods are your style of outing, then boxes work better as you keep the mess contained to one area which means it is easier to clean and helps to protect your car from your four legged friend.


One benefit of our dog cages is that they are built around the layout to your car which means the car environment hasn’t changed too drastically so this would help with dogs that feel anxious about being in a confined space.

They also provide a lot more room for your pet to move around which helps to keep a normality of travelling in the car, makes them feel less restrained and is a better option for larger breeds of dogs.

Animal Transit CageBoth products meet the specifications of the highway code and will keep your dog safe and comfortable on the road, the choice simply depends on your dog and vehicle size and what your primarily use your dog car journeys for.

Now you know what you’d like, what size?

You may think you know your car until you’re asked what size the boot is, how much space you want a dog transit item to take up and how much room you need for some drawers.

That’s a lot of maths!

We didn’t think you’d want to get your measuring tape out when you’re halfway through ordering something, so we’ve done it for you.

Our vehicle selector component gives you the precise sizes and shows you what the product will look like in your car and if we don’t have your vehicle then you can bring it in to us or video call us and we will sort the measurements out for you.

Mad About Pets UK prides itself on making this process as easy as possible for customers to avoid any stress with having to choose a new pet product, check out our website



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