Why do you NEED a sliding tray?

Having problems in the car with your dog but can’t quite put your finger on what?

A sliding tray could be just what you’re missing!

Solving solutions for elderly dogs, those with poor mobility or to assist training for young pups.

They can even benefit you as a dog owner if you’re struggling with getting your dog safety in and out of the car.

Several of our customers have benefitted from our heavy-duty sliding tray holding up to 50kg adding versality to their vehicle by adding storage space where they didn’t imagine possible.

Sliding trays are the perfect solution for unloading our pets from the car or as using as a mobile space providing you with one handed access to the rear of your vehicle.

If your furry friend is that little bit older or struggles with their mobility then this tray takes away the stress from the both of you, it provides your pet with an extra level to get themselves in and out of the car.

This is so important when it comes to minimising the risk of your pet putting strain onto their bodies and having an accident, it also provides you with more room to help assist your dog without the two of you ending up on top of one another.

Young puppies or excitable dogs may see the opportunity to leg it out the boot the first chance that they get which can be very dangerous especially in a car park where you’re surrounded by moving cars.

In this case the tray acts as a barrier and deters them from being able to jump straight out of their transit box or cage onto to the floor, which helps to relax the process for yourself and trains your dog to be more patient!

As a mobile space, sliding trays are ideal for getting your pet into their collar or harness, collecting your belongings together (there’s always more than you think) or to be a space to dry your pet after one of those muddy walks.

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