The Best Dog Breeds for Farm Dogs

Dogs have been providing important services on farms throughout history, with herding being developed as long as 10,000 years ago. Certain dog breeds are perfect for specific roles to help with farming, and not just for herding sheep. Dogs are also very skillful at protecting the farm and making sure vermin and other animals are not destroying crops.


Good farm dogs enjoy getting the work they do and are typically intelligent and athletic dogs who thrive on channeling their energy by performing useful tasks. For anyone that owns a farm and is looking to get a puppy to train as a farm dog then AKC Pet Insurance has some great tips for farm dog training.


These are the top dog breeds that suit working on a farm:


Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherds like plenty of stimulation and are suited to doing lots of exercises. Historically, they have been great herders on the high plains in America West and they are now a popular breed of dog for farming in the UK.


Border Collie

The Border Collie breed is renowned for being a great herder and is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They have all the great qualities required to be a major help on farms, including obedience, a desire to please and lots of energy. Border Collies tend to be exceptional at following instructions and perform well in dog sports due to their athleticism and intelligence.



Originally bred to hunt badgers, the Dachshund breed is a great dog for chasing mice and other small vermin to protect the crops. Some farmers have a Dachshund as a watchdog, but they will usually require extensive training to prevent them from barking too excessively.


German Shepherd

German Shepherds are excellent guard dogs, with their guarding instinct and their protective nature. They are also usually great herders, and they are highly trainable compared to other breeds, which makes them the ideal farming dog with versatile qualities to help with important tasks around the farm.


Jack Russell Terrier

People might not initially think of a Jack Russell Terrier as being cut out for life as a farm dog, but they can be excellent at catching vermin. Their playful nature makes them great pets, but their determination helps them to be successful at catching nuisance vermin.


Australian Cattle Dog

The name pretty much gives away which role this breed is best suited to, and the Australian Cattle Dog is the ideal farm dog for driving livestock over long distances. They are very loyal and eager to please, while also being a very intelligent breed of dog. Their territorial nature also means that they will usually make good watchdogs too and they are full of determination, so they have some great overall attributes to be successful and hardworking farm dogs.


When you are looking for a farm dog to help with your general work around the farm, you will need to ensure that they have the right personality and training to be able to perform the tasks you require. Another factor to consider is how you will transport your farm dog safely and securely. Mad About Pets has a range of different dog transit product options, visit our online store to find the right one for your farm dog.






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