Must Have reasons you need a Sleep Cabin

Mad About Pets UK caters for all pets and all owners which is we have such a vast range of products for you to choose from to suit every need.

Our sleep cabins help to provide pet owners with an alternative to a standard dog bed or cage.

If you and your furry friend are frequently on the road or go away for holidays and trips in a large vehicle such as a campervan or motorhome then a sleeping cabin is exactly what you need.

They help to provide a home from home experience for your dog with all their comforts in an enclosed area that is just for them.

This provides security for your pet as by having their own area to go off to they don’t feel overwhelmed about being away from home and helps them to associate a trip away as a positive as they have their own space and are made to feel relaxed and welcomed on the outing.

This is a huge benefit for those who struggle with anxiety when travelling on the road.

Our inhouse manufacturing process allows us to make a bespoke cabin for you, your pet and vehicle.

We know how limited space can become which is why we can change the sizes to utilise what space your vehicle has whilst ensuring your pet has enough room.

We can also add a sliding door hatch onto the cabin so that you can lock your pet into their cabin whilst they can still stick there head out and feel included!

The beauty of this is you can keep them in one place at night time, when you leave them alone in your vehicle or if they’re mucky from a long walk then you can stop them making your vehicle a mess without having to completely shut them away.

Secondly, these cabins are ideal as outdoor shelters or in outer building as they provide a warm and safe enclosure for your dog that feels like a homely environment.

As opposed to a cage the confined set up of a cabin keeps them sheltered from weather conditions and makes them feel protected when outside as they have 4 walls around them.

Open and closing ventilation holes can be added for those summer days and a light lining can be added for the cooler months, we make every product to suit you.

And we don’t stop there, we can make sleeping cabins suitable to hold multiple dogs and add dividers so the option to separate is there whilst keeping them close together.

Whatever the problem, Mad About Pets UK has the answer!

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