Introducing Falcon Boxes

Mad About *all* Pets UK with our exciting new product launch for all our Birds of Prey customers – our brand new Falcon Transportation Box

At the forefront of all your worries and concerns for your Falcon,is their safety and transportion is a huge factor within this.

Their security, well-being and physical safety all needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to being on the go with your Falcon.

Our Falcon Transit Box ticks all the boxes you need it to and works for you, your vehicle and your Falcon.


This product is designed with the number one priority in mind, to keep your Falcon safe and secure during transportation whilst minimising the potential risks facing you as the handler.

A built in carry handle allows easy transportation for you and with this light lifting system this is a suitable box for taking out with you, as there is no worry of not being able to carry it.

This carry handle also makes loading your bird in and out of the box easier and safer.

Ventilation holes are on the side of the box to ensure that your birds are comfortable during all points of transport, putting your mind at ease.

A safe space to locate your bird, also prevents them from being injured, they will be protected when on the road, and by having their own environment they are less likely to be stressed and agitaged.

The calming effect this will impose into your birds routine, limiting anxious behaviour.


When it comes to working with your birds, you have no idea where in the country you will be, or how long these journeys can last!

Knowing that you have the right set up when on the road will help make a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for you and your Falcon.

The idea of the box providing you with an enclosed area for your bird also gives you the freedom to travel with multiple birds without the back of your vehicle turning into carnage.

With the logisitical nightmares sorted, you can elevate your business to the level you want.


We guarantee that within days of having one of our Falcon Boxes, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t have one before …

A multi-purpose system ideal for taking your Falcon from A to B to events, to the vets, to new homes – you name it you can do it and a whole lot easier!

With that many purposes, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth.


Having a designated area to keep your Falcon in their box helps you to maintain an orgnaised and efficient vehicle.

Mad About Pets UK can pair your new Falcon Box with custom made drawers and storage boxes, helping you to keep all your Falcon equipment in one area, making attending shows and events less time consuming and chaoutic.

You’d be surpised at the effect this will have on your bird.

Available in black or white and designed to keep your Falcon safe at all times, this investment in our high-quality Falcon Box is bound to benefit you more than you think.

Browse our website today to have a look for yourself and find out our sizes and specifications or drop us a message on our email for more questions.




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