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Save yourself the faff and hassle of hunting around for a product which can take an age to be yours and take a look at what we have in stock, you’ll have to be quick as its flying off our shelves!

Due to popular demand we have a range of our products in stock waiting to be yours, with same day collection or delivery arrangements made your brand new pet products could be yours in minutes.

From custom made transit systems for your dog to pet kennelling products to van essentials, we have everything you need.

Winter is among us and I think we’ve all forgotten just how cold it can get and no one knows that more than your pet.

Our Premium Beds are in stock in ALL three sizes: small, medium and large. The perfect addition to your house to make your pet feel safe and secure in their home environment, with a place that they can mark as there own when they need some me time.

With three enclosed sides there is no risk of your pet falling from their bed which helps to avoid injuries and it prevents a draft from getting into the bed with an area to add blankets and cushions your pet will be cosy and warm in their bed.

For those of us whose pets have outside shelter our Sleep Cabins are the perfect solution, providing a warm and enclosed area which protects them from wind and rain.

We currently have our large in stock 1000 × 750 × 700 cm for £500.00

Now for those journeys out and about in the bitter cold, we have you, your pet and your vehicle covered.

Gone are the days of a shivering pet and a muddy boot or back seats our custom boxes have you sorted.

  • Double transit box with a RAW style front with a removable divider and escape hatch – 1150 WIDTH X 900 DEPTH X 700 HEIGHT – £800
  • Single transit box with a RAW style front – 533mm width x 952mm depth x 736mm height – £490
  • Single cage – £500
  • Double transit box with a RAW front with a removable divider and two escape hatches suitable for a Mercedes – £800

All with durable locking systems and a free fitting system is included for you.

For the hunters among us we have our Ferret Boxes back in stock ready for the season.

If organisation is what you need, we have a set of double drawers with side pods with 350mm internal space going for £1,310 *both these items can be bought separately

Keeping with the less faff and more function mentality, we have a range of smaller van products ready and waiting that are designed to make your life on the road a whole lot easier:

  • Storage boxes £5 each or 5 for £20
  • Spray can holder £15
  • Silicone/sealant holder £15
  • Glove/tissue box £10
  • Blue roll holder £15

Ideal for dog professions to maintain hygiene standards and keep a tidy workspace.

If any of these products take your fancy, please contact us for any questions or to place an order on our email or find us on Instagram and Facebook @MadAboutPetsUK



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