How to Keep Your Pets Cool in a Heatwave

With the recent heatwave seeing record UK temperatures of over 40 degrees for the first time, our poor pets have suffered even more than us humans in the sweltering heat. The growing impact of climate change suggests that this level of heat is not a one-off and we need to prepare for future summers of dangerously high temperatures.
The usual steps to protect our dogs such as only walking in cooler parts of the day and not leaving dogs in cars during hot days should still be followed but we need to be even more prepared so we can keep our pets cool during future heatwaves.
Here are some top tips for protecting your dog during a heatwave:
Know the signs of heatstroke
Heatstroke can be common in pets that are exposed to too much heat and the symptoms include heavy panting, drooling, vomiting or being lethargic. Too avoid heatstroke, pets should be in spacious, well ventilated rooms and they should have plenty of fresh, cool water to drink. You should also pour cool water over their feet, ears and head to help bring their body temperature down. If you think your dog may have heatstroke you should contact your vet immediately, as heatstroke can be fatal without medical intervention.
Avoid walks in the hottest parts of the day

During heatwaves surfaces can start to get hot very early in the day, so it is important to try and get out for a walk before the sun has had time to heat up pavements and roads. Take plenty of water in a portable water dispenser to keep your dog hydrated throughout the walk. Remember, it is better for your dog to miss a walk for a day or two than to be out in hot temperatures.
Keep your home cool

During a heatwave it is important to keep your home as cool as possible for your own comfort as well as your dog’s health. Opening windows will only cool your home down when the temperature outside your home is cooler than the temperature inside your home. Rooms with lots of windows and conservatories will get extremely hot in heatwaves so keep your dog out of these rooms. Try to keep them in rooms where the sun is not shining in through windows.
Buy a cooling mat

There are lots of accessories that can help to keep your dog as cool as possible, including cooling mats which will ensure they are not lying on a hot surface. Alternatively, you can place them on top of a cool, wet towel.
Avoid travelling in hot parts of the day

If you need to drive anywhere with your dog, then make sure you do so at the coolest part of the day and ensure they are in a well ventilated cage, with windows open or air conditioning on.
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