How to Dog-Proof Your House this Christmas

How to Dog-Proof Your House this Christmas


With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start planning and organising so that you can have as an enjoyable a festive period as possible. From booking your food shopping delivery slot, to buying gifts for friends and family, there is a lot to think about in the run up to the holidays.


One detail that pet owners also need to factor into the planning is making sure that your pet is comfortable and safe throughout the festivities, given that there can be a lot of visitors in your home that may unsettle them or items that could pose a danger.


Here are some of the ways that you can dog-proof your house in preparation for Christmas:


Consider whether decorations are safe


Those beautiful baubles might look fantastic on your tree, but they also look just like the fun balls that dogs like to play with. If you are hanging baubles on your tree, you should buy shatterproof ones, to avoid splintering that could damage your dog’s mouth or paws. You can also buy dog-safe ornaments so there is no danger of them breaking or shattering.


Tinsel, tree lights and other tree decorations can also pose a risk to dogs, so you should avoid hanging anything that could be a choking hazard. Chocolates on the tree can also be a health risk for dogs, so it is better to avoid having these on your tree. Chocolate can cause stomach upsets, and in some cases, it can be fatal due to the theobromine it contains.


Don’t leave food out


Around Christmas, it is common to have more food out on the table or chocolate selection boxes and other food-related gifts may be in view and therefore highly tempting for your dog to eat.


It is important to keep any food that could be harmful out of reach, especially foods like nuts, raisins and meat with small bones. If you are having friends or family around for food then you should also explain to them not to leave their leftover food out in case your dog tries to eat it, as non-dog owners might not consider this.


Don’t leave potentially dangerous presents under the tree


Displaying presents underneath your Christmas tree adds to the excitement but you should also consider what would happen if your dog was able to open the presents. If you want to put some presents under the tree, make sure they don’t contain harmful foods or products that could be toxic. If you like a nice display, you could wrap up some empty boxes to put underneath the tree.


Weight your Christmas tree base


Some dogs get very excited when they see a tree appear in their home and they can’t help but jump up at it. To avoid your tree getting knocked over, you can weight the bottom or you can purchase a weighted base. You should also consider the damage that the tree could cause to your home, your pet, and any person if it was to be knocked over, so it really is quite important to ensure its sturdiness.


From everyone at Mad About Pets UK, we wish you a happy and safe Christmas for you and your pet.





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