Dogs Trust: What a Place

Dogs Trust: What a Place


In the UK there are over 1 million homeless pets and around 42,000 living in shelters. The number of abandoned dogs has significantly increased since people started buying lockdown pets, with charities left to deal with the consequences post-lockdown.


At Mad About Pets UK, we try to support as many charities as possible by raising awareness of the different services these charities provide.


Dogs Trust – The UK’s leading dog welfare charity


Dogs Trust is an amazing charity that rehomes dogs and provides advice on essential information to take the best care of your pet, from health and diet to dog training techniques. Established in 1891, Dogs Trust has helped an immeasurable number of dogs and owners.


The team at Dogs Trust is made up of dedicated canine carers and a network full of volunteers who help with rehoming dogs, as well as giving owners advice that helps ensure that dogs live their best lives. Over the years, they have developed into the UK’s leading dog welfare charity and are now providing crucial support all across the UK through 21 rehoming centres.


In 2021, Dogs Trust cared for 10,684 dogs and rehomed 8,550 dogs. 13,100 dogs completed the Dog School classes provided by Dogs Trust, helping new owners to welcome pets into their homes as well prepared as possible.


The first few months as a pet owner can be challenging, which is why the charity makes themselves available to support owners and provide advice such as behaviour expertise to help develop good behaviour. The team here understands that there are circumstances that people do not foresee, which means they are no longer able to care for their pets.


The Freedom Project was set up to support victims of domestic abuse by fostering their dogs until they are in a position to bring them to a new safe home. Last year, over 2,000 dogs were being fostered through this project.


Another vital project that they deliver is the Hope Project, which provides support to pets of owners who have become homeless or are in a housing crisis. They have funded almost 1,500 veterinary treatments for dogs in these situations.


How to support Dogs Trust


There are many different ways that people can get involved in supporting Dogs Trust, from becoming a volunteer to raising funds. They offer people the opportunity to sponsor a dog, take part in competitions and raffles to help raise money and to donate in memory of a beloved pet.


To enable them to continue to provide all of the wonderful services that they offer, more support is required and if you are considering supporting a charity this year, Dogs Trust is a very worthy cause that needs help now more than ever, especially if you love animals as much as we do!


Read more about how you can support the wonderful work of Dogs Trust.




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