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With the rise of working from home, we know how distracting those little paws can be – but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Many of our customers have come to us with their new working situation and the slight problem of their dog now requiring their full attention with them being at home more.

From zoom call meetings to meeting deadlines, you have work to do and a needy dog can be rather off putting.

Mad About Pets UK is here to help!

Our anti-chew premium and platform beds provide your pet with their own designated space, you can add blankets and their favourite toys to make this a comfortable and cosy area.

They will feel relaxed and safe in this environment, and building their familiarity with using their bed will help them to see this as part of their routine.

This provides you with an area for your dog to relax whilst you have to seriously get your work done – a command to go to their bed, rewarded with a treat will have your problem solved in no time!

Your dog will be more than happy with this new situation, as they will realise that they have their own space and don’t need to rely on to entertain them.

Even better? This is all guilt free for you as you know your dog is safe and happy, and if your dog was to destory their bed in retaliation they can’t because of our chew proof features!

Our premium bed is ideal for our pets who prefer a more enclosed and secluded area, and our platform is for dogs who like to stretch out and have as much room as possible.

Both beds have water, chemical and rust resistant qualities ensuring that it is a long-lasting investment for you and your pet.

Have a look on our website or get in touch to customise your dog bed – sales@madaboutpetsuk.co.uk



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